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Improve the workplace environment – to boost focus, minimize errors and increase the productivity

Are your employees falling sick often? If yes, they may be suffering fromSick Building Syndrome (SBS). SBS is caused by poor indoor air quality, whereby bad air is being circulated within the building by the air conditioning system.

When workers are ill, productivity rate falls while medical expenditure for the employers go up. This situation can be minimized by introducing certain scents and fragrances in the office (especially those with natural healing, antiseptic, antibacterial properties). Hence, companies can use scent marketing machines to create a healthier working environment and improve the mental alertness and productivity of staff. Besides, the scents can also leave a lasting impression upon customers and visitors.

did you know?

For mental clarity and stimulation the best oils are Rosemary, Peppermint, Lemon, Basil, Ginger, and Cypress. These oils can help with fatigue and lack of focus.

Reasons of Scenting

A pleasant but subtle scent that increases work productivity by stimulating employees' senses.

Employees will experience positive feelings through such an environment because of the positive image it represents. Therefore, work performance will also be positive.

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