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About Aroma CENT

Aroma Cent is a specialist in Scenting Solution – adding the scent dimension to strengthen a brand identity. With great success the company manufactures and implements exclusive Scent Solution Systems to enhance the appeal of any environment. We are based in New Delhi, India with a strong team of professionals with core knowledge of scent marketing and environment scenting.


Since its founding in 2008, Aroma Cent has been devoted to providing customers with the fantastic design, smooth scents, and most reliable products we can offer. Our headquarters situated in New Delhi, India, it designs, R&D, manufactures and sells world widely. To maintain sustainable competitiveness, our philosophies are to commit ourselves as following:

  • Satisfied Customers:

    Our goal is keeping the best always. We honour our customers and achieve our objective.

  • Excellent Quality:

    Our strong belief demonstrates Aroma Cent is able to provide top quality scenting solutions to meet customer expectations and standards so as to achieve customer satisfaction.

  • Exceptional Products:

    We work in close cooperation with our customers in developing and manufacturing products that bring refreshing air to customers' living environments in their business premises or in houses.

  • Well-controlled Processes:

    All enterprise activities aim toward continuous improvement to ensure long-term results. Of course customer comments and suggestions will be highly valued by us. All our processes, performance criteria are clearly defined because of that the process results is our asset at each stage.

  • Teamwork:

    Through open communication and coordination among hierarchical organizational, continuous education and training, we have formed a work atmosphere of trust, stability, creativity and spontaneity.

B4/156A Safdarjung Enclave New Delhi – 110029
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