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Restaurants & Night Club

Promote food sales by stimulating the sense of smell with scent.

Scent marketing is one of the most powerful tools that helps you connect with your customers on an emotional level and creates an unforgettable and long lasting impression. Aroma Cent has a wide range of food aromas to enhance any environment and product. Aroma Cent's scent delivery solutions and premium aroma oils will allow you to enhance the scent of fruits, vegetable or beverages, the choice is yours.

did you know?

Guest tends to stay longer in a relaxing ambience and therefore spend more. Use of scent in Bar & Restaurant increases sales by 40%.

Reasons of Scenting

A supermarket showed impressive increase in bakery sales when the aroma of fresh bread was diffused through a scent machine.

Scent stimulates appetite and the smell of our favorite food will make our mouth water and trigger us to buy.

Best Selling Aroma's

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environments, Aroma Cent has a scent machine that can fill your
space with fragrance

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