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How can you add that extra edge, make your event stand out from the rest, or add a 4th dimension to your venue? Our scent systems can deliver beautiful scent over huge areas and are great for adding a wow factor. We can use existing scent in our systems giving product launches the extra touch you are looking for.

did you know?

The way our brains receive information means we have a deep emotional response to the aroma that is present in our environment. Our sense of smell is our strongest sense – aromas induce memories.

Reasons of Scenting

By using scent, events become so much more memorable and we have scientific papers which show just how effective scenting can be and how it enhances the memory of the event for the attendees

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We have a system to fit all your spaces

Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large. From single room to vast indoor
environments, Aroma Cent has a scent machine that can fill your
space with fragrance

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