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Scent marketing can help transport companies to add a touch of luxury to their brands and improve their customers' overall travel experience.

Scents can be diffused into the cabins of airlines, trains and cruises to create a relaxing ambience for the passengers, helping those who are uptight at traveling to unwind and enjoy the facilities on board. After all, a good transport provider is focused on getting passengers from one place to another safely, whereas an outstanding transport provider will focus on delivering the ultimate travel experience to their passengers.

Customers are spoilt for choices when it comes to traveling. What would make customers want to travel with your airline, train or cruise? The answer lies with the experience on board. Scenting will add to that element of experience on board.

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Scenting not only helps get rid of nasty smells but creates an atmosphere which is clean and puts visitors in the right mood, calming or uplifting.

Reasons of Scenting

Scenting is ideal for cruise ships, trains and other modes of transport too, giving a luxury ambience and helping to relax or uplift guests. Many of the world's leading cruise ship companies now diffuse fragrance through their fleet.

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