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Enhancing your guests experience during their
staywith scenting

The first impression is always good, so diffusing a subtle and elegant scent in a hotel lobby adds to the quality of your welcome in the reception area and creates an extra emotional dimension of well-being.
A study by BVA published in 2008 shows a positive first ambient experience increases overall customer satisfaction, enhancing your guests experience during their stay.

did you know?

Scent is our most primal and instinctive sense. Humans take about 30,000 breaths every day and are able to identify more than 10,000 different smells.

Reasons of Scenting

Scenting hotels public areas with Aroma Cent Oils will provide your property the edge to increase your customer's loyalty and recognition.

Create Signature Scent and give your hotel a unique smell identity.

Best Selling Aroma's

We have a system to fit all your spaces

Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large. From single room to vast indoor
environments, Aroma Cent has a scent machine that can fill your
space with fragrance

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